Summer 2019 @ Yahoo

Best Ball: Building and releasing the newest game in the family of Yahoo Fantasy Sports games

Summer of 2019, I worked as an iOS engineer on Yahoo Fantasy Sports at Verizon Media. I had a blast! The team is as fun as you would imagine a fantasy sports app team would be. I got to contribute a lot to the newest game in Yahoo’s suite of fantasy sports games, Best Ball. I developed several new features from scratch for Best Ball, and I had the honor of serving as the release manager for the new game. I got to work in each layer of the iOS app’s architecture, and collaborated with the backend team to ensure efficient use of API requests.

Along with my contributions to Best Ball, I also helped maintain the Yahoo Fantasy Sports app working in Swift and Objective C. I wrote unit tests for the new Best Ball models. And I helped initiate the implementation of dark mode. At the end of my internship, my teammate (also an intern) and I put together a presentation, and displayed our work to executives and team leaders at Verizon Media. He and I were also in charge of the team launch party, which we like to assert that it was the greatest launch party ever. We maxed out our budget on music, food, and drinks, and people are still talking about our party today.

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