Weekend Trip

A Travel App For The Busy And Broke

Weekend Trip is a mobile flight search engine designed and optimized for busy and broke college students. College students have some of the worst constraints to travel since students are often short on money, and are only available to travel during the most expensive times of the year (weekends, and holidays). Weekend Trip helps empower students to travel more by providing an insanely easy and intuitive interface for students to browse possible trips. Here’s how it works: users simply input their home airport, and Weekend trip will return the cheapest round trip flights for the upcoming weekend. The aim is to show students that 1) travel is in fact possible despite time and financial constraints and 2) there are many amazing destinations in North America, that might not be in the mainstream travel destinations.

Weekend trip is a first step in an attempt to revolutionize travel for students and other broke and busy people. The time to travel is when you are a young student, and my aim is to empower people to do so. Weekend Trip currently has about 150 downloads, and I am working to grow that more. I am also working to further build and iterate on other travel solutions for students.

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