Braeswood Brand

An entrepreneurial endeavor to financial freedom

My goal is to have many different companies under the overarching parent brand - Braeswood. The mission of Braeswood is to add value to people's lives effectively and simply. In the same air as Pareto's law, I believe that many products, services, and industries can become more valuable and effective by simplifying the process, and focusing on the user. I have always been entrepreneurial growing up. Some notable businesses of mine from my childhood are an origami business in the 1st grade, a duct tape wallet business in the 5th grade, and a downhill longboarding company in 10th grade. More recently, I have been working on launching successful FBA product lines. From home decor posters to makeup accessories, I have many failed attempts. Lately, I have been working on launching a drumming product line that would simplify drummers' shopping experience by providing fewer higher quality options for drum sticks, and drum equipment, but unfortunately, I did not do enough market research, and I learned the hard way that there isn't a very strong online market for drum equipment. I was able to get my drum key listing to be on the first page for its keyword on Amazon, and I did make a profit a few of the months that my listing was live, but ultimately, I figured out that there wasn't enough traffic for the business to be sustainable. I am continuing to learn, and I have already pivoted to my next entrepreneurial endeavor. Hopefully this time I will 1) Do more sufficient market research, and 2) Use my skills in programming to my advantage.